By Malene Birger is an international label in which the style brings together modern classic with an artistic approach. They particularly work with graphic elements, contrasts and interesting silhouettes. Malene Birger, founder and designer of this label, takes her inspiration especially from interior designing, the arts, cultures, travels and above all from her love for handcrafts. On the side, she likes to follow what’s happening in the men’s fashion world.

Every single collection should be something of its own and dress a women in every of her moments. The new collection for fall and winter 2014/15 contains casual as well as elegant designs. The reference on men’s fashion is clearly recognizable. You will discover many oversized creations and even excessively large dress pants.

Regarding the colors, the designer mainly likes to go along the contrast of dark blue to pink. However, brown, orange, grey, white and black are frequently used as well. This collection also includes many different patterns, for instance the one that is arranged like in grids. Another one has a marble structure and of course the leopard pattern is a must as well.

By Malene Birger is a label for every life situation. The designs can sometimes be elegant and then casual at other times, but they always show a free and nonchalant spirit. So it’s no surprise that the designer couldn’t resist being part of the international shopping experience at the Sydney Fashion Weekend that is going to take place in May.

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