You’ll need:


 1x mint green nailpolish
1x white polish
1x pink polish
1x yellow polish
1x pastel blue polish
a dotting tool or the end of a brush

herzen 2

Step 1
Start off with a mint green polish and a white polish. Our middle and ring finger nail will be our accent nails.

Step 2
Now take your pastel blue or your previous turquoise polish and a piece of paper. Just a few drops of nail polish are enough to secure you a head start on those little hearts. Take your dotting tool and go to work!

Step 3
Do the exact same step with the pink polish. It doesn’t matter what sizes the hearts are and how close they are positioned next to each other. Just be creative! 😉

Step 4
The last step is using a yellow polish to create hearts. This will lead to a very harmonious heart pattern.

herzen 3

Pretty easy, huh?
Yours truly,


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