“One man looks at a dying bird and thinks there’s nothing but unanswered pain. That death’s got the final word, it’s laughing at him. Another man sees that same bird, feels the glory, feels something smiling through it.”

Directed by Terrence Malick

James Caviezel as Private Witt
Ben Chaplin as Private Jack Bell
Elias Koteas as Captain James Staros

War is the cruelest thing humankind can do to each other and yet, we fight wars with such great zeal. In the Pacific War between Japan and the USA, there was no mercy, only endless horror and apathy in all those actions we humans do to each other.

The Thin Red Line is a story about men who are fighting in the Battle of Guadalcanal, driven to do barbaric actions. Still, they try to stay human.

This raw and bitter violence is put into contrast with the beautiful landscape shots of the islands in the Pacific. The movie is packed with celebrities who are confined to supporting roles and only have short appearances. The Thin Red Line is a wonderful anti-war epos which shows that human nature is truly boundless.


Bild- und Informationsquelle: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Thin_Red_Line_(1998_film)