For the summer collection 2014, Natalija Smogor combines seductive elements with elegant evening robes. That creates a nice interplay between the two sides of the modern woman – the chic and the sensual. The pale lilac that’s paired with dark violet on the charming robes just melt every man’s heart.

Distinct seams, floral patterned fabrics and layers are clearly the prominent designs of the summer collection 2014. Especially the seams are standing out, which structure many different clothing pieces.  They give dresses, shorts and tops a feminine shape by emphasizing certain spots, like putting color contrasts on the waist.

To make it even sweeter, Natalija uses hints of lace here and there. The subtle use of the special highlights keeps the collection very modest yet irresistibly fancy. But there’s a whole different wind blowing in the Fall and Winter Collection 14/15. Gloominess is becoming the new trend. The crazy symbiosis of soft, grey mottled fabric and deep black, polished leather creates a look of a tough woman with control.

The designer, who was born in Germany, displays her collection twice a year at the Fashion Week in the capital of Croatia – and her next show is coming up this week!

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