Ana Kujundžic is a fabulous artist – each one of her dresses becomes a canvas for virtuosic images. Photo-realistic or completely abstract, voluminous and sculptural or rather romantic, the different illustrations determine the style of the designs. Natural materials dominate the artistic look of her collection.

The black base color of the dresses with a simple cut goes along with various motives, giving every dress another theme. For instance, one of the dresses has grey elephants distributed all over it; another one is adorned with floral patterns and petals, completed with red cars. In a freaky but charming way, she added flashy details, such as a set of silver spoons attached to the neckline of the dress.

Abstract shapes, colorful motives, sketched people, animals, a skeleton and much more bring a broad variety into the Summer Collection 2014. Ana Kujundžic is just a real enthusiast regarding special extravagant styles. Her inspiration for the Fall and Winter Collection 2014/15 derives from nature. Carefully sawed trunks, which reveal their age with their rings, are embellished with fluffy creations.

If you want to present yourself individually, you’ll fall in love with this designer – her newest creations, which will be out this fall and winter, were presented at the Dreft Fashion Week Zagreb  which ended today.

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