“Gregor? I wanna have a tattoo. Do you know a good studio?”

“Yeah, I know someone. Of course, I know someone.” After several calls and SMSs I got the appointment. We have to make for Wedding to Wedd.Ink. The studio is situated at the Brüsselerstr. 47 near the subway station Seestrasse.

After walking three minutes we reached the studio and we were welcomed in a friendly and warm-hearted way. This was because I had an acquaintance here, but also because these people are just utterly cool. The motif was already chosen. It was a quote of Bukowski and should receive a nice Antiqua font. They quickly printed the draft. Then, we smoked a cigarette and there, the game started!

The tattoo room, which looked very hygienic, is situated in the back-room. The main room is the cozy waiting area, which is furnished in a very stylish way with many tattoo magazines and walls that are completely painted. The door to the back-room is for example redesigned as an open mouth.

There was enough space for two persons. The walls are also very pretty and colorfully painted, just like it is expected from such a creative company. They applied on the draft; the workplace was prepared and after 45 minutes everything was done and my little acquaintance survived it valiantly. I guess I was ten times more excited than she was.

After the tattoo was made, we stayed at the studio for a while; we listened to some music and spend our time there until the next customer was coming. I was thinking about new tattoo ideas for myself. Oh well, and the following customer was a lady who was probably much older than 70. This is Berlin, kids!

Wedd.Ink Tattoo
Brüsselerstraße 47
13353 Berlin
Phone: 030 555 100 70
E-Mail: serkan@wedd-ink.de

Mondays to Fridays: 12am to 6pm, Saturday: currently only with appointment


Image Source: Readthetrieb