Florentina Giol  offers many fascinating collections. Here, I’m going to present you my favorites. The couturier presents her own interpretations of elegance, sensuality and seduction. She creates fashion which really fulfills this topic. “All Black” or “Angel & Demon” are titles that describe her designs.

“All Black” is one my absolutely favorite collections. Why? The black design is timeless and chic, can be worn at any occasion, while still giving you the chance to present your personality. The little black dress is a must in this collection, and so is the jumpsuit with a deep, sexy neckline.

On the contrary, we have “Deja Vu”, which could be called a “firework of sophisticated designs”. Thrilling draperies and peek-a-boos define the line. Each dress, each skirt and each top receive their own new style with special features in the cuts and in the materials.

Florentina Giol is multifarious, full of ideas and versatile. Her fashion changes all the time. That’s really good for you, because this designer is always showing you new styles. Check out her breathtaking collection and don’t miss her performance at the Barcelona Bridal Week!

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