The fashion brand Fayazi stands for breathtaking evening dresses, legendary gowns and unforgettable outfits. Yeah … you might become speechless with amazement when you see all those elegant cuts, which meet high-quality materials and sophisticated colors and patterns. The designs do not only sound unique, they simply are unique! They mesmerize fashionistas from all over the world. With the help of these gowns you will definitively be the highlight of the evening.

One of the lines is called “Fayazi Privé”. It is built of an explosion of colorful designs and exciting patterns, which together embody the joyful lifestyle. Whether you prefer elegant gold or seductive red, every color on every garment creates glamour, uniqueness while maintaining the feminine, modern and tough character. Fayazi captures spring and its features and spreads high spirits!

The “Cherie Rouge” collection is extremely glamorous. It consists of a lot of glitter, glamour and elegance, and creates a thrillingly chic look for her. The “Dione” line does not only robe the bride, but also her guests. Long and short dresses with lovely details are available in several colors. Find your own perfect dress!

Fayazi’s feminine collections have been inspiring us for 25 years and they are a crucial part of theBridal Week Barcelona, which has just started today. Discover the newest collections of the label.


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