Cymbeline is the success story of three sisters who decided to revolutionize bridal fashion 30 years ago. They design their creations in a wind mill from the 17th century not far from Paris. They combine traditional haute couture with modern technology.

Cymbeline is active all around the world and is considered as a leading brand of bridal apparel. Every creation seems to be special, because this label likes bold and crazy styles.

As the main color Cymbeline uses white, thus many of their dresses are traditionally designed. Some of them have very typical cuts, but most of them are sticking out with unusual details or exaggerated designs. One of those dresses seems to be cut simply, yet it looks bizarre and modern at the same time due to the marked, large inverted pleats.

Some designs are created under the motto “more is beautiful”, e.g. a white strapless dress completely covered with lace, which actually has a very slim silhouette, but it’s highlighted by an extra voluminous asymmetric train placed at waist height.

Cymbeline has a very special approach to bride fashion, which can be admired at the Barcelona Bridal Week  that starts May 6th.

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