AIL  are the Italian founder’s initials. Anca Irina Lefter is a passionate designer who creates jewelry based on the customer’s requests, hence it fits perfectly. She learned this handicraft at the “Institute of European Design” specialized in accessories and at the “Santa Croce” in Florence, where she trained working with with leather. Finally, she founded AIL in 2009. Anca Irina Lefter expresses her wild fetish facet in her designs, yet they still look elegant! Her collection “50 Shades of Maybe” presents sexy jewelry like queenlike bracelets, corsages or leather bondage shirts.

No matter if it’s black, red, orange, silver or golden jewelry, every creation is an eye catcher. They are emphasizing the women’s curves and give her a strong and elegant appearance. Depending on the way they’re combined with, AIL’s creations seem to vary, enriching her collections with versatility. No matter if they are used for highlighting a cocktail dress, a casual outfit or sexy underwear; Anca Irina Lefter’s creations always look cool!

AIL was presented at the Barcelona Bridal Week  last year and we just can’t wait to see more jewelry designed by this young label!

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