ZWYRD – this label is run by a Polish designer and artist whose style you definitely can call “hardcore”. This designer will too be present at the Fashion Week Poland .

Now, let’s get to the details: His photos show raw, intense and expressive motifs which are anything but soft and romantic – they are, as I said, hardcore. And yes, I’m talking about the music genre Hardcore. His creations are often characterized by the same strength and dynamics as hardcore music. At the same time, the almost melancholic atmosphere exuded by hardcore music too affects the artist’s designs. Dark colors and bold lines are the alpha and omega of his design concept. His motifs illustrate animals, icons of music and girls with sad eyes – well,  doesn’t it sound hardcore? Again and again, parallels with fascism in Europe can be seen in his works. Of course, ZWYRD does in no way support this political movement. Instead, he uses these elements as tools of provocation.

His fashion really resembles his art: A very expressive form language which coats and veils the body. The oversized tops look like frocks or cowls. Here, similarities with fascist uniforms mark the designs as well. Well, if art does give you an insight into the soul of the creator, then you will also meet anger and sadness this time apart from cold aesthetics and warm, human feelings. The short, dominant, cape colored in an earthy orange, one outstanding item from the winter collection 2014 and 2015 called “Core”, conveys dominance as well as warmth

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