A slightly feminine silhouette is highlighted by the label Kedziorek at the Fashion Week Poland. Joanna K?dziorek is the designer of these discreet creations for the new woman. The graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts presents four collections each year. Light fabrics in the classic shades black and white, but also little color splashes like yellow and orange create the base of the creations. The modern, classy and self-confident woman is dressed in modern designs including overalls or balloon dresses for instance.

What defines the label’s style? It’s the reduced, chic cut, which gives the look its individual character thanks to little features. The black oversized dress is embellished by zippers on the front and back side. These silver embellishments complete the outfit. The overall which has the same color becomes a sexy eye catcher thanks to the ruffles on the hip and the transparent fabric on the back.

Floor-length dresses, tulip skirts, creased fabrics and oversized designs are only a few main features of the collection. This one is feminine and stands for light and trendy city fashion. The label will also show many other looks at the Fashion Week at 8p.m., May 08.

If you prefer a simple look which is sophisticated at the same time, you really shouldn’t miss this event!

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