This summer collection 2014 by Rabens Saloner  presents a glamorous and yet incredibly light look. Soft materials adapt to your silhouette in an light and refreshing way. Each design is embellished with a lot of details, hence it looks feminine. Raben Saloner creates everlasting fashion due to its timeless, alternative style!

This collection offers a lot. You can find underwear decorated with lace and floor-length dresses here. Knitwear is the essential part of the collection, and it’s a pretty hot one! Fine materials are furnished with mashes on the back so that skin is shown. Other designs are decorated with floral embroideries.

You can easily get the bohemian look due to the light, white dress or the summery tunic. This label has a very peculiar style: modern and trendy, and it brings a lively individuality into any outfit. A floor-length skirt with sequins allover will literally make you shine, in contrast to the silver version which looks suitable for a gala evening. The mix of monochrome and colorfully patterned designs is unique. Batiks, stripes and Aztec pattern are creating a highlight out of every design!

Birgitte Raben Olrik, who founded this label, loves fashion and carries this love over to the wearer. This light and refined look is just fun!

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