Diana Orving is the label of the eponymous designer and artist. She herself has two sides and so does her label. One line is dedicated to fashion and launches seasonal collections while the other one concentrates on the artistical side.

The new women’s collection for spring/summer 2014 is named “Mosaic” and is also inspired by it. The designs include this element with dividing stitching and with prints. The prints are presented in a more reduced way, sometimes as a gloomy mixture of dots and lines.

The designs play with draperies and so don’t really fit the determined structures of a mosaic. Because of its free and light appearance the fashion actually reflects a contrast to the title. Moreover, the collection leaves out colors and is kept in plain black, white and grey.

Diana Orving’s designs fascinate us with their casual charm, which is defined by the wearer’s silhouette. So, they always appear in a different look: shadow plays and the dynamic appearance created the flowing fabrics. This makes the garment unique as they receive their own character.

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