Davidelfin started as a group of artists. They came from different branches and influenced the label significantly. Their focuses were placed on emotions. The label was founded in 2001. In 2002, it was even featured at the Fashion Week in Madrid; and since 2009, one can also discover Davidelfin at New York’s Fashion Weeks.

For spring and summer 2014 it’s time to show your personality with colors. One of the creations is a sophisticated overall, which rather resembles a gown and which is marked by different shades and cuts. The concept stays the same. The leg pants are very casual and designed in a swinging, flowing way. They are also flattered by a transparent fabric.

On the contrary, we have a tight body with striped sleeves. This can be combined with tight pants. The only “summery” piece of this collection is a brief, light red dress. It has short sleeve and will still leave an amazing impression without showing décolleté. It appears very girly because of its delicate skirt, but on the other hand this beauty is still defined by a very sexy character.

The collection for spring/summer is presented in a very colorful way. Even though the designs seem to be quite high-necked, they still spread a summery charm and elegance.

davidelfin 1   davidelfin 2   davidelfin 3   davidelfin 4

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