The label MIMIC unites the most beautiful things in life in one spectacular range of shoes and accessories which win your heart at first glance. But it’s not only the innovative designs, but also the incredibly refreshing lightness of this fashion which enchant you. Here, coolness, casualness and nonchalance are paired with elegance!

I should start with the shoes, which often lack a high heel. Flat shoes determine the look! And trust me, they seem to excel each other in terms of sophistication. No matter whether you prefer the rocking boots or the pink ballerina shoes – here, every fashion victim will find a pair of shoes she will fall in love with. I personally like the fresh style and the fact that it seems that there are no limits when it comes to the design.

Of course, the accessories cover many colorful styles as well. Bags – big or small, colored in an elegant black or decorated with a rocking leopard pattern – round off your outfit beautifully.

This label founded in the year 2003 knows what women want, even fulfilling your wildest dreams.

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