Who: Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin
When: For several decades
Where: The Netherlands
Special Features: Shooting with Lady Gaga
Subject: mainly portraits, but also fine arts
Style: highly contrasted photos, use of lights, sexy, rough and black and white

Inez and Vinoodh managed to establish themselves quite a reputation in the business.

By doing so they don’t limit themselves to commercial work but also branch out to finer arts. Often they combine both, which shaped their own style into something deeply profound with an artistic edge to it. In line of their work they often try to challenge the human sense of ethics, which results in sometimes unpleasant photographs.

In their latest release „Pretty Much Everything“, the artists, both being a couple and parents by now, collected their most important work of the last few decades. For the very first time we get to see pictures shot for famous magazines like Vogue right next to campaigns for prestigious names like Yves Saint Laurent.

The list of the portrayed artists is even longer, filled with names from the music and film industry. Each photo shows the character of the person on it in combination with an artsy touch. The most outstanding picture has to be the one of Clint Eastwood, whose features you can just make out behind a thick cloud of smoke.

Both of the photographers have each made a long list of shootings in their career but still manage to impress their audience every time they do something new.

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