Hey  Beauties.

I’m really glad that you guys liked my little posts about the ideal of beauty in Asia. It’s really interesting how many different kinds of practices are now out there to enhance your natural beauty, isn’t it girls? 😉

I’ve been spending quite some time reading through articles about bizarre methods and plastic surgeries and I’ve learned that nothing is impossible nowadays but when I stumbled across a couple of articles about surgeries without having to actually have a surgery I was a little bit surprised. How does it work and what’s more important, could it be even more dangerous than traditional surgeries?

Today’s virtual journey will take us to Japan. Different manufacturers have specialized in inventing gadgets that are ought to replace conventional surgeries.

I’ve assembled a quick overview of a couple of unusual beauty gadgets.




The so called „Face-Slimmer“(48€) was invented to tighten sagged cheeks. The wearer has to wear this mouthpiece for 3 minutes on a daily basis whilst completing different exercises with the mouth. Supposedly 12 different muscles are stimulated that way. Plastic surgeon and President of the Austrian Association for Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery, Walther Jungwirth is worried that the “Face Slimmer” can extend the lips and cause more wrinkles. That seems to be rather counterproductive, what do you guys think?

schönheitstrends 2


The next product can easily pass as a mask for superheroes but it is in fact an anti-aging mask. It puts pressure on the face and combats wrinkles and tired and sagged skin. It could, however, limit your facial expressions, just like Botox does.

schönheitstrends 3

Our last gadget for today is the so called “Hana Tsun nose straightener”. The Clip retails for approximately 36€ and has to be put into the nostrils. It was produced to push the bones and contours of your nose upwards, which can permanently balance out the appearance of the nose. Plastic surgeon Junwirth, however, doubts that. It won’t damage your nose but will it work? Most likely not.


What do you think of those “alternatives”? Are they just gimmicky or a good way to avoid the scalpel?


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