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Hello fellow beauty lovers.

I finally bought a bucket load of lip liners by NYX. For all of those, who were just about to ask, I purchased them from cherryculture.com and so far I am really pleased by their prices as well as the shipping conditions.

Those little suckers are being hyped all over the net and I’ve been contemplating for months whether to get them or not. But I never could quite decide which color I wanted. But in the end I pushed through and couldn’t be happier with my selection.

For all of my MAC Girls out there, I also bought lip liners by NYX which are supposed to resemble MAC products. They are supposed to look like the MAC Lip Liners in Magenta, Currant and Stripdown. 😉

Outer Appearance | NYX Lip Liner

They come in a black and long tube, similar to those by MAC. The design looks really sleek, polished and is easy to handle. The colors are visible on the far end of the pencil, which is extremely handy when I think of all the lost time I wasted on rumbling through my stash, trying to find the right shade. The letters as well as the color are quite simple and remind me of the professional vibe that usually defines MAC products.

The Product | NYX Lip Liner

The product itself is incredibly well made. It can be spread very easily. I do think that the color intensity could have been a tad higher. But the creaminess of the product makes up for that flaw. I love that you can draw distinct lines with the pencil but the best feature about this product is definitely the color selection. Man, oh man that’s insane! Even MAC can’t account for that many colors. Whatever you’re looking for, they probably have it.

Let’s talk about the MAC dupes: Purple Rain is supposed to look like MAC’s Magenta, whilst Deep Purple and Natural are Dupes for MAC’s Currant and Stripdown.


Overall Impression | NYX Lip Liner

For $3,50 you can never go wrong, girl. You also may or may not know, that Cherryculture frequently offers amazing Sales, which will definitely pay off for you.

Considering the price-performance-ratio, the lip pencils by NYX are divine. And if you are anything like me and refuse to pay 16 bucks for a MAC Lip Liner, then just go hop over to NYX and purchase your favorite shades over there.

Yours truly,

Lana Hoang

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