Four years ago the fashion label Sava Nald came into being and has been since then one of the enterprises that enrich the fashion marketplace with its sophisticated and trendy collections. Feminine lines and simple cuts mark the style of the young family business. They leave out unnecessary details, embroideries or rhinestones because curved cuts and feminine silhouettes are all their creations need to impress. The creative mind and soul behind Sava Nald is designer Inna Thomas. She creates figure-hugging fashion for elegant and confident women of all ages.

The modern woman doesn’t hide behind simple and timid designs. Instead she wants to succeed and shine in every situation she finds herself in. Inna kept this in mind whilst creating the SS Collection of 2014. Pure sophistication – that is exactly what the pieces exude. Beautiful dresses and suits were created for this collection including a mint-colored dress with a smart-looking collar and beautiful sleeves, worthy of a true lady.

A real eye catcher is the bronzed and golden dress with flattering shoulders and an accentuated waist area. My personal favorite though, has to be the cocktail dress in light pink with golden shimmer. The sleeveless dress ends right above your knees with a slightly flared out skirt. A zipper runs from your collarbone right to your hips and gives the dress a very sensual touch. The best thing about this baby is that the material seems to shine in a nice golden shade if you’re standing under the right light, which makes the whole look appear warmer.

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