Raf Simons is known for his extraordinary collections and now he collaborates with the label Adidas to create sneakers. Today I brought Terrex to you. With surprises these sneakers are not as minimalist as the new Raf Simons collection for summer for him. They look more like patchwork. Different materials and colors are spread all over those shoes. But there is one thing they have in common, they appear more covered than salacious. There is just a little hint of structure…just a little one.

I have to admit that these sneakers seem chaotic at the first sight, but after you’re looking at them for a while you can see a concept inside of that chaos. The bottom layers are made of mesh while the bottom layers are made of leather to create that structure. Plus the outsole in different colors and there we have our Terrex!


Copyright and source: http://undefeated.com/footwear/low/adidas-x-raf-simons-terrex