As one of the six so-called „Designer All-Stars“ who all were winners of the TV series Project Runway,  Jeffrey Sebelia probably won everyone’s heart with his cute designs for our little heroes at the Austin Fashion Week in Texas. These designs are just perfect for children. The clothing is colorful and yet inspired by the fashion worn by mum and dad.

The design palette is incredibly wide-ranging. The little boys look so incredibly cute in the chic suits, while the sweat jackets with a wild, cheesy allover print make them appear cheeky. The new line by “La Miniatura” truly will melt hearts. Comic prints clash with luscious colors and checked patterns. The shirt is defined by a clutter of geometric shapes, whereas the jeans are available in bold colors. Swim trunks are decorated with palm leaves and big flowers, perfect for the summer.

Whether you are the king of the playground, a little adventurer, a gentleman or a cheeky troublemaker – every type of fashionisto will fall in love with this label. And you don’t even have to restrict yourself to one style. Chic and nonchalant, cool and cheeky can go together just well. And it gets better: Frolicking around, having fun and doing sports is no problem at all for the clothing by Miniatura.

The rain jacket will make sure that bad weather won’t destroy your fantasy world. Jeffrey Sebelia didn’t win Project Runway for no reason. His second label La Miniatura sure has won many hearts all around the world. After showing us that he knows how to create wonderful fashion for adults, he proves that he also has a heart for the little fashion victims among us. The style of La Miniatura is multi-faceted and diverse, which turned out to be the perfect recipe to success.

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