Fashion lovers in Texas are simmering with excitement for the upcoming  Austin Fashion Week 2014 which will start April 24. It’s the sixth year in succession when one of the leading fashion events of the country is inviting independent and aspiring designers to give them the chance to present their newest fall/winter collections to the media, clients and public in general.

Austin with its Fashion Week has been recently announced on the 42th rank of the most influencing global fashion centers. Doesn’t sound really special at first, but that’s the highest rank in Texas! Austin’s fame for music, movies and food has now also reached the fashion domain. The designers that make their debut at the AFW can be sure that the most popular fashion bloggers and media of the global fashion scene are going to talk about this spectacle.

One special feature of this year’s AFW is the participation of six designers of the well-known TV-show “Project Runway”. On May 02, they will present their new collections.

One of them is the true-born African Korto Momolu who for example designed dresses for Miss Universe. While she was celebrated for her courage of patterns and colors, this year, she’s going to launch a military-inspired collection for fall/winter 2014/15. This one is marked by muted color.

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Also Melissa Fleis, another former “Project Runway” candidate, will launch her collection at the Fashion Week. The American has always been fascinated by the German art movements such as Bauhaus, and connects architectural silhouettes with a  modern, artisanal frame. The combination of soft silk and wool with stronger materials such as leather, metal or denim create a wearable look for both day and night.

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Beside “Project Runway’s” candidates there will also be other talented fashion designers who are going to show their fall/winter collections. Enjoy the best designers and fashion shows that Texas has in Austin (April 23 to May 03).

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