Guo Ran Tag was born in 1991 and decided to go to London for his bachelor and master’s degree. There, he founded his label  Yarantian even before having graduated. He concentrates on style and shape and creates his fashion under the motto: “Discover the unlimited possibilities”.

He especially tries to arouse interest by using special fabrics and asymmetrical cuts. Nevertheless, his designs still spread a calm and elegant touch. The label mostly impresses with forms that are applied on the designs, structured in a very stately way around the body. The strong forms are especially emphasized on the symmetrical designs. A white coat is one of the perfect examples of this look. It shows a clear A-line and is completely dyed in white. Clear structures are highlighted by monochromy.

Most of the designs appear in black and white. Only some printed creations show a little bit of color. It is shown a very true and pure aesthetic, which makes colors become really unnecessary. Guo Ran Tag can even impress by only making use of the special cuts.

Yirantian Guo is a very special label, which indeed offers innovation. We’re looking forward for his performance at the Shanghai Fashion Week !

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