Fernanda Yamamoto  is going to be present at the beginning  Fashion Week in Rio. The label is based in Sao Paulo. However, it is presenting fashion which isn’t typical of Brazil at all. The designs appear avant-garde and don’t make you think of Brazil’s hot beaches with tight-fitting and skimpy cuts.

The designs are rather oversize, fit loosely and appear masculine on the models, creating a broad torso with sometimes very massive shoulders. The big top hats seem particularly exaggerated, designed with an overly protruding and soft brim, which really evokes the association with the crazy milliner from Alice in Wonderland.

It’s not only the hats which make you want to travel. The clothing is defined by loose cuts as I said and thus proves very comfortable to wear. The designs however appear yet very feminine, some items being waisted by a ribbon wrapped around the midriff.

While black and white seem to dominate the collection at first glance, giving it a very strict-looking touch, the designs seem to move into a more joyful-appearing direction when colors are added. A fiery red in particular emphasizes the hot-tempered character of the Brazilian people.

Fernanda Yamamoto represents a very fascinating clash of avant-garde Japanese fashion and Brazilian passion. This label is definitely going to be a highlight at the Fashion Week in April.

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Copyright and Source: http://www.fernandayamamoto.com.br/ and http://www.ffw.com.br/fashionrio/