I know we love them, we need them; they are our companions and they are faithful, really faithful. If everything goes wrong, they will be by our side, because they really last for a lifetime: Marc van Peer’s luxury bags.

Just some hammy words? Not at all! Marc van Peer stands for luxury made in Germany. What does luxury actually mean?


It’s called luxury when you have a bag which is always reliable, whose stitches last longer than only one season, whose leather is sturdy and has been cut out and treated very carefully. You will always be happy with this bag, because you know that someone has thought of you.

It’s called luxury when you fall in love with a bag, and you know that it is the one which won’t be held by someone else’s hands. This happened to me when I first touched one of Marc van Peer’s luxury bags.

Thorsten Haugk uses the most exotic and unconventional pieces of an animal skin to create a real Marc van Peer luxury bag in his studio in Dresden. These bags are made of caiman, bull leather, eel skin, kangaroo, Nile crocodile, airplane carbon and moiré and waxed burlap. He has already received several patents in domains such as processing of bags and closure technology.

tonneau 5      tonneau 4      tonneau 1

One of my favorite creations is the Tonneau doctor’s bag whose production took 65 hours. Thanks to the swirled carrying handle an air circulation is achieved between the hand and the leather. One wouldn’t imagine how such a sophisticated, detailed work could support the innovation of wear comfort. The two flap clasps, which have to be closed separately, also protect everything in your bag against sneaky peaks of strangers. So easy, but so clever!

Styling-Tipps (4) b

Another favorite piece is Marion, which was made of Nile crocodiles which were 3.20m long and 1.10m wide. A crazy highlight is the tail tip which is used as carrying handle.

The Jeans Series is suitable for daily use and will be THE hit of summer 2014!

IMG_3108   IMG_3131   IMG_3185


If you want to check out Marc van Peer’s whole collection, check out styletrieb!

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