This label wants to reach and touch the world with their fashion. Therefore, Maiyet cooperates with new designers from all over the world such as from Africa, Europe and even South-America so that a great diversity and amazing combinations are created.

The varied cultural as well as stylistic backgrounds provide that certain something in the designs of Maiyet. The label also supports the organization Nest which offers wide-ranging training and support in terms of art. Maiyet aims to always present something new to the world and collections of high standard. Their designs are elegant but also outstanding which eventually makes the difference between Maiyet and other labels.

The new collection for spring and summer is a mixture of straightness and capriciousness. While some of their designs show more clear and curved lines which are frequently emphasized with contrasting colors, other designs are more casual and loosed. The fabrics are well chosen for a good amount of contrast in the whole collection. Some pieces are marked by well arranged dots and others are beautifully braided.

The collection for spring and summer 2014 of Maiyet shows a huge variety. The designs still remain their elegance and attract with clean lines as well as with breezy and even translucent fabrics.

SS14 MAYIET PARIS 9/28/2013   SS14 MAYIET PARIS 9/28/2013   SS14 MAYIET PARIS 9/28/2013

SS14 MAYIET PARIS 9/28/2013   SS14 MAYIET PARIS 9/28/2013   SS14 MAYIET PARIS 9/28/2013

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