Classic elegance is paired with juvenile lightness by the label Orley  in the winter collection 2014 and 2025. In this collection, there is no look which doesn’t impress with a playful touch thanks to small details.  Highlights installed into the cuts or the colors and the use of many accessories turn the outfits into must-haves of the season.

Each look consists of a pair of cloth pants, which is worn with a shirt, a knitted sweater or a knit vest. But of course, one outfit can even be composed of all these elements. With thin belts and colorful ties, the designers Matthew Orley, Alex Orley and Samantha Florence add colorful accentuations. The shirt is worn underneath a sweater or is topped by a knit vest.

Dulled blue, white, brown and grey are the main colors of the collection. Shiny leather elements, checked patterns and stripes however can be found in the collection as well. The colors are the component which makes the collection so incredibly thrilling. The white outfit consisting of pants and a sweater receives an exciting and harmonious character thanks to a red belt and a red tie. Unique accessories like the easygoing beanie or retro glasses and a patterned scarf  top off the look by Orley.

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Orley, just for men – Spring/Summer 2014

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