I would like to introduce you a very special label with Drobiny Czasu. The occasion is the Fashion Weekend  in Warsaw where you can find the newest trends of this label. Drobiny Czasu is specialized on jewelry and watches. Its vintage style and the antique design make these accessories a must-have.

Pocket watches and compasses are not only very practical but here, they are also indispensable accessories. Every item is incredibly high-value. The colors bronze, gold and silver dominate the look. But what’s really special about them is the fine engraving and the perforation. The pieces are adorned with floral patterns or embellishments, making them more beautiful than they already are.

Watches as necklace pendants, wristwatches or pocket watches– it’s so difficult to choose only one. But I’m sure that you will find the right one for you. Especially those watches which show the interior clockwork –the so called skeleton watches- have such an intriguing vibe but so do the items in which vintage meets modernity. Also, the medallion or the chains with different pendants are made in this unique style of this label.

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