On the Fashion Weekend in Warsaw there were many labels and looks worth seeing – but no one presented such enchanting and adorable fashion for children like Agnieszka Lisiewicz. Fashion design for children can be colorful and crazy, cheek and exciting – this is exactly what defines the spirit of this Polish label. What is particularly cute: She pairs elements typical of men’s and women’s fashion with infantine designs. Cheeky, colorful and wildly patterned pieces mark the look for the small ones. Dressed in this clothing, the small ones will make it big!

Little boys are dressed in preppy suits with bows and a matching hat – simply breathtaking. The little girls enchant you with colorful fur coats and dresses made of fur. Decorations rich in detail refine these dresses. Mother and daughter can even wear matching outfits. How adorable! The girl dressed in a dotted dress à la 50ies who is standing next to a boy in a suit with a crazy dollar print totally put a spell on me. No wonder the designer is known for winning all children’s hearts. But the adults will love these cute outfits as well.

Here, everything is revolving around the colorful world of children who can go on adventures with the aid of wind and weatherproof clothing which additionally looks super cute!

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