Austin Tott is a mere 21-year old photographer who shows extremely creative photo series every now and then. He took up photography rather randomly due to a school event. He often incorporated surreal elements into his work which seem to have become a firm part of his motives. These aid him to create an incredible expressive power and mesmerizing atmospheres. It’s the emotions and certain feelings that are being captured in his photographs.

His newest photo series may not seem as surreal as usual but it’s no less creative at all. Small (painted) tattoos which are kept in minimal lines and elements, determine the motive selection. These are then skillfully incorporated into an amazing environment.

And once again, specific emotions and feelings are evoked very subtly with only a small picture on a wrist and a matching background. When you get lost in it you can directly feel its intention. A small drawing of a fox in front of a fogged background can symbolize wanderlust. A small sailboat in front of a map awakens the urge for adventures inside me and a little tree in a forest makes you feel at piece. This phenomenon is truly remarkable!