The label by Veronica Swanson Beard and Veronica Miele Beard has been already introduced with its spring/summer collection 2014. There, the love of sporty elegance was emphasized and spring was represented by fresh colors and fabrics. In the new resort collection another facet of the label is shown. The silhouettes are harsher and the colors are gloomier. While the spring/summer collection has shown its easygoing and light side, now it’s about the serious side of life.

The designs appear much more body-shaping and add strength and dominance to the look. Stripes must have been the source of inspiration for this collection, because it is repeated on many creations. They can be found in a vertical or horizontal and sometimes even crossed-over design and adorn a dress which struck my eye.

The designs stay elegant, even in the resort collection. This can be seen on the suits and also gowns. One dress is really popping out with its black and white contrast. Nevertheless, a rebellious touch is brought by oversized leather jackets.

Veronica Beard have already shown their versatility in their spring/summer collection. However, this resort collection emphasizes the changeability of the label while it stays true to sporty elegance.

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