“Innovative“ and “experimental“ are the key words which almost perfectly describe the fashion by Martin Margiela. In summer he doesn’t only present but two whole collections for women. In order to enable you to find your individual style, a great diversity marks the outfits.

One collection is called “Défilé” which means “parade” in English. Here, an extensive selection is offered to you revolving around chic fashion and exciting colors. In addition revealing bikini tops show that the cropped cut is en vogue again! The single pieces complement each other and form great outfits. The blazer and the elegant cloth pants are available as well as summer dresses with flower embroideries. Not only do the colors and high-quality materials such as silk determine the look, but also the exciting cuts.

The “Première” collection on the other hand consists of many basics in plain shades. With black, white and beige, the wearer will always make the right choice. The light blouse or the top, the skirt with decorative creases and the knit vest are all pieces by Maison Margiela which belong in your wardrobe.

Martin Margiela knows what women want, setting trends again and again each season.


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Discover his extraordinary „Artisanal” Collection here

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