In comparison with the summer collection 2014, the label Leutton Postle presents more discreet fashion for next winter. The colors and patterns aren’t as luscious and wildly arranged. Instead the color concept seems to be more uniform. However, this doesn’t mean that the style is timid and chaste. The contrary is the case! Behind the chic knit models, the designer duo Sam Leutton and Jenny Postle are pulling the strings. The collection mainly contains two different patterns. The first one consists of round, edgy or oval shapes in blue, white and black. The second one is composed of lines in red and black, which are scattered across the fabric. Here, chaos clashes with tidiness. Patterned and plain-colored elements are combined. In this way, a look is created which is exciting and on spot.

The black knit dress with waist accentuated by a belt is embellished with the wild pattern in blue at the sleeves. A dress with short sleeves on the other hand is completely decorated with the black and blue design. Apart from dresses, the line also offers high-waisted skirts, which are complemented with cropped tops. A cozy vest is a must in winter as well. in addition to the clothing, carefully and sophisticatedly designed accessories like shoes and bags are worn.

Although the hallmarks of the label always are installed into the collection, the collections are always full of surprises.


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Leutton Postle, for women – Spring/Summer 2014

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