Julia Clancey is a British fashion and accessories designer as well as a self-made woman who drew the world’s attention to her collection with the help of her couture-like ready-to-wear collection. Her “jewelries” do not embellish the wearer, they coil themselves like an installation around her instead. Both, the RTW collection as well as her jewelries are connected and become one.

For years she has earned her money as a stylist in the music and advertising industry. She extended her connections and started to create her very own outfits. She opened up her own showroom in West Hollywood in 2010 to offer a contact point to her customers.

The collections “Bridal”, “Daisy” and “Zelda” attracted me the most partly because of the embellished and opulent elements as well as the covered mask-like appearance.

Her visions of fashion in the ready-to-wear collections pick up a variety of subjects. “Rich” is a allusion to the wealth in the Golden Twenties. “Diamonds & Pearls” bursts with romance and femininity while “Slinky little Sirens” is mainly held in black and white and lets the hearts of men beat faster. That’s why you should not miss Julia Clancey at the Nashville Fashion Week.


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