The life of the couturier Denis Durand has been characterized, filled and enriched with his special and creative work for almost 20 years. It brought him to different places and spots all around the world, while his creations found their way into many wardrobes of his admirers and were presented at many Fashion Weeks of this world.

The Riga Fashion Week was one of the events where he presented his work at last year. He incorporates the art of versatility into each and every piece. Thus no collection resembles another. His choice to create swimwear for him and her is also very unique for a couturier.

The Baroque ideal of voluptuous hips may be one of his inspirations as well as the art of seduction of a geisha in night blue and orange robes. Pureness and colonial designs contrast with each other. Here the wearer of a Durand robe stretches out her arms like a raven. Even the feathers resembles those of a raven.

As you can see, Denis Durand is unpredictable. We can certainly look forward to his collection!

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