MALAFACHA is the creative team of the Mexican fashion world, which also succeeded in turning the rest of the world upside down. Why? Aren’t there other excellent designers? The really unique aspect is the contrast that strikes your eye after having compared the collections. It’s not only the fact that each new collection can barely be compared to the past ones. The topic which is used for every fall/winter collection or spring/summer collection is basically already expressional and exceptional.

In summer 2013 MALAFACHA worked with bold street wear. This one left an impression of a totally crazy Japanese Anime world, which was unified with elements of the American hip-hop culture (e.g. pump pants and harem pants).

The colorful, the fancy and cheeky touch points to the youthfulness of the brand. In the current summer collection, everything looks quite dramatic. Inspired by a Greek tragedy, the protagonist stages the fashion of MALAFACHA.

And this is the difference. These are acting humans and no models. These are performances and no runway shows. And MALAFACHA stands not only for fashion, but for art that is combined with fashion.

Francisco Saldaña studied alternative fashion and visual merchandising at the Instituto Europeo di Design in Barcelona and now works as a fashion designer while Victor Hernals studied visual communication. Now, they both present their collection for the upcoming year at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week México on April 4.

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