Casely Hayford’s new summer collection is all about elegant coolness. The pants are characterized by a low crotch and they harmonize well with blazers. I like this youthful look and its versatility. It bears an extraordinary charm which can be worn in the streets and even during your work in the office.

The trousers are also available in a two-colored design but it’s kept very plain with these inconspicuous colors like black and grey. Therefore, they’re great to combine with any t-shirt or blazer. Matching the casual style of this collection, the bow tie is merely put around the neck but not tied. Everything is cut slightly wider, slack and loose.

The sporty jackets, like in bomber jacket style, jazz up your look with exciting designs or colors – this also applies to shirts. Wearing this light material openly will help creating a nonchalant look even with some pleated pants.

Casely Hayford represents refreshing looks which are beyond extraordinaire due to strong contrasts!

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