This summer playful and classic pieces are going to define the styles by Tribute Standard. Yor you that you can discover yourself every day anew thanks to this label! The non-colors black and white are the basis of this collection. They are completed with exciting designs so that a thrillingly joyful summer look is created.

The pencil skirt is combined with a blouse and the casual white summer skirt with a short shirt. You’ll find your perfect dress in a variety of different lengths and cuttings. The accentuation is mostly on your back which is emphasized with more and less low neck lines.

Colorful zebra patterns and just as colorful dots embellish the fashion – so freaky. At the other side you can find THE summer look in simple white, black and grey. There is a playful elegance throughout the whole collection for summer. It’s your choice how much color you want to show today. I especially like the minimalist cuttings with subtle highlights. The wide cut pants for example swings with your movements so that people have to guess: “Is she wearing pants or is it a skirt?”

My absolutely favorite piece of this collection for summer is the floor length, pinkish-turquoise dress which looks like a long blouse. You’ll definitely attract the people’s attention wearing it. The innovative design will present you in a different light?  With this collection the label shows how elegant fashion can be playful and girly or simply just different!

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