You’ll need


1x white nailpolish

1x black polish

a dotting tool or the end of a brush



pandabären 2

Step 1

Start off by taking your dotting tool and your white polish and create a circle on the tips of your nails. Those will be the heads of your panda bears and they don’t have to be perfectly round.


Step 2

Now you’re going to need your black polish to create those little panda ears.

Step 3

Place two black dots below for the eyes.


Step 4

Little advice: If you place the eyes exactly below the ears the whole thing will look neater.

Step 5

Then place a small nose on the tips of your nails.


Step 6

Take your white polish again and place two white dots into the eyes of your pandas.

pandabären 3


 Pretty easy, huh?
See you next week beauties.
Yours truly,


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