First of all, I want to mention that the CeBIT is the biggest tech fair in the world. This year, the 3400 exhibitors want to emphasize robot technology, 3D printing and data privacy. Gamers get new cases and insane graphics cards.


One product that was especially noteworthy in my eyes was the FX1-free 3D-pen. With this pen you can draw 3D objects! It’s like a ball pen, but instead it also writes in 3D!

Moreover, the German mail service GMX is staying true their old commercial “Die Gedanken sind frei” (Thoughts are free) and introduces their De-Mail Client. With the De-Client, all of the mails you send using GMX will not be sent through US-Servers anymore (where they could be saved and read by the NSA), but only German Servers.

Another interesting thing is the teeny tiny computer, similar to the RaspBerry Pi. This computer was invented and built by Sapphire, a graphics card manufacturer famous for their Vapor-X series. Vapor-X graphics cards are overclocked and specifically cooled by nVidia and AMD. The UCFF-Board BP-FT3GS is a more functional, smaller, more powerful and an updated version of the good old Raspberry Pi. You can even use a swift SSD hard drive with this thing! And the ones who really want some power out of it, should get all excited about the quad-core edition with the AMD GX-420CA processor. The processor already has a built in graphics processing unit, hence you could even play some indie games on it!
Unfortunately, Sapphire hasn’t told anything about the price yet, but I think the quad-core edition should be below 150€.


For us gaming enthusiasts, the CeBIT has a lot to offer! XFX is exhibiting their very first computer case. XFX is known for their brilliantly cooled and flawlessly overclocked graphics cards. The case doesn’t only offer room for up to eight hard disks, but even has enough room for two large water coolers. You could for example keep your graphics cards at arctic temperatures! When looking at this case, my eyes start to sparkle! The XFX Type01 has everything – enough space for excellent cooling, super long high-end graphics cards and of course five hard disks for all my games! Now, you haven’t heard about the best thing yet: It’s only 129.90€, there’s barely a manufacturer offering a case like this for such a price!


Graphics cards manufacturer EVGA also joined the party to show off their monstrous nVidia graphics card. And what do you think EVGA is famous for? Of course, for making overclocked and graphics cards with great cooling solutions! However, EVGA is also famous for not only stock overclocking them, but also telling the customers to push it to the limits! With the EVGA Geforce GTX 780 Ti Kingpin Edition you also get a free copy of Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag as well as Deadfall Adventures and two overclocking tools. – and a hole in your pocket as large as 765€.
With two 10 centimeter fans and improved power supply, EVGA provides stable 450W (my whole PC needs that much..) of power without any big differences and makes your overclocking experience perfect! I don’t think I’ll get this beast for my PC, because I guess it would just eat all the other parts! However, all you enthusiasts out there: This is what you’ve been waiting for!!!