The Spring- and Summer Collection 2014 by Igor Gulyaev is called “Paradise” and the name really fits, because it’s making women’s dreams come true in terms of fashion. The whole collection consists of wonderful evening gowns in the most diversified lengths and colors, it’s like I’m dreaming. The range of colors is just as diversified as the cuts the dresses have. Among plenty of long gowns, you’ll also find some short cocktail tresses with tulle skirts in the collection.

For the colors, Gulyaev picked black, white, red, crème and tender blue- and rosé shades. Of course all these evening gowns are made of the high-quality cloths such as tulle, satin, lace and brocade. One thing that keeps striking me is the dainty lace, because it’s giving the dresses an unbelievable elegance. Most of the garments have a tight top with wide full skirts that are either short or floor-length.

Moreover, the shift dresses that are made of the finest satin you can find in muted colors like blue or dusky pink. I really like the short dresses, because their cuts are brilliant. The tender blue dress with long lace sleeves and the exaggerated flounce skirt is one of my favorite ones. It’s innovative and cheerful at the same time and kind of reminds me of the sky and soft clouds. However, there’s also a long black and beige dress you could always gift me! Not only does it stand out because of the lace and the fine print, but also because of the skirt’s seam which is shorter in the front. This outfit doesn’t only look elegant, but also youthful.

I have to admit, I love the “Paradise”-Collection by Igor Gulyaev, because he’s making a girl’s tulle and lace dreams come true!

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Igor Gulyaev, for women – Fall/Winter 2013/14

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