The luxury label Phoebe English knows how to create wonderful fashion. Looking at the designs for summer, I realized this label truly succeeded in winning my heart. I love the fact that different fabrics and colors are combined, which are eye-catching but never intrusive. Each model, no matter whether it’s a dress or a top, shorts or a skirt, is marked by its own distinctive charm and yet the label manages to place its hallmarks on each design.

The interplay between transparent and opaque elements in particular bestows a thrilling touch upon the items. Creases, gathers and fashionable crinkly materials are employed as well. Thanks to placing several layers of fabric on top of each other, you will find the popular layer look in perfection here. Here, a dress is worn over a t-shirt or skirts of different lengths are combined.

The colors are well-chosen as well and appear very harmonious as a whole. The different beige shades seem to complement each other, but they also go well with colors like white, black and red. Models made of coarse-meshed net materials represent a highlight of this collection. A top made of this fabric can be donned over nothing but a bra, if you daring enough. This is pure sensuality.

Phoebe English offers unusual fashion to women. The style is based on trends, but it also sets new trends.

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