Eva Minge and her Polish label have been already presented with the spring/summer collection 2014. The next thing on the list is her haute couture collection.

With her couture fashion, she has already received several awards and has been invited to the Paris Haute Couture. She was also given the chance to show her designs at a fashion show in Rome, called “Donna sotto le stelle”.

The label creates various collections, accessories and even a home and living collection. The haute couture collection is the only one of them which lets the designer show the vastness of their creativity and talent. She sees each of her models as art pieces and therefore puts her heart and soul into the designs.

The designs are versatile and unique. Starting off with the precious ball gowns, Eva Minge shows her gusto for usual silhouettes and exaggerations. Then, it seems like she’s interpreting the devil; and lets red-black designs, which reveal much skin, walk on the runway. Then, black-white designs are shown with a lot of volume, which among the ostentatious ball gowns stand out of the collection.

The haute couture selection of Eva Minge shows many facets of herself. The collection presents how much she is inspired by this fashion and what she is able to create.

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Eva Minge, for women – Spring/Summer 2014

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