Behind Diemme Footwear a team from three different nations is pulling the strings – it’s a label where Italian, Japanese and Swedish influence come together  . It’s obvious that the collections are bound to be marked by many facets. This label offers you many trends, from boots to desert boots; and transforms you into real trendsetters.

Each model of this label, which was founded in 1992, is manufactured in one of the most prestigious shoe factories of Italy. The brothers Dennis and Maico Signor started their label with the design of hunting boots, which are still offered beside their hiking boots, sneakers and many other styles. One thing they all have in common is their exceptional quality and the innovative design.

The strong design and bold impression of the men’s boots are highlighted with dark colors and patterns, such as the camouflage. The designers decorate the shoes with many details, like embossings on the leather. The winter collection includes functional, trendy shoes with deep profiles, casual sneakers and fashionable boots. All shoes are made of leather, which are dyed  in different colors.

This winter collection is also a must for us women. The lace-up shoes can be combined with a pair of skinny jeans. Those who like to wear heels, can choose the platform styles. The patterns on these creations make an individual look. The boots are more elegant. Those impress with their leopard patterns and a mixture between black and wine red.

The label offers you everything your feet need for the winter 2013/14 and also let you become the trendsetters. These shoes will certainly become your showpieces.

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