Tess Giberson was born as a daughter of two artists in New Hampshire. Her parents always focused on promoting creativity and traditional handcrafting. Thus, she decided to study at the Rhode Island School of Design, like her parents did. There, she graduated in 1996.

Shortly afterwards, she started her career as a designer for men’s sweaters at Calvin Klein. After two years, she decided to work as a freelancer for several labels until she finally founded her own label in 2001.

Now and then, she also worked for TSE. She only reestablished her own work in 2011. Her designs have been already awarded with the Ecco Domani Fashion Award and many other honors, such as being featured in the Museum of Contemporary Arts in Los Angeles, in the Victoria & Albert Museum in London and even in the Taka Ishii Gallery in Tokyo.

Tess Giberson connects creativity with traditional handcraft, experimenting with collaborations with other artists, even with musicians. The spring/summer collection 2014 works with loose designs, which are either very stiff and structured or are very flowing. The color palette consists of black, grey and white and is highlighted with a bold green. One remarkable feature could be the top which is die-cut with circles. All in all, the designs are very modest, but also surprise with unusual forms and little details.

This collection offers light clothes for the warm season. The outfits are very versatile and can be all combined together. The most important thing is the comfort!

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