Compared to the winter collection, the spring and summer collection 2014 is as colorful and as detailed in patterns. This time, pastel colors and motifs are inspired by the summer, the sun and the tropical botany. Another difference is the single elements which form an entire image instead of the complete patterns. Many lilies, hummingbirds and butterflies are integrated into the designs.

I really like the swimsuit with the cut-out detail on the bellybutton area. I guess this one is the most expensive and beautiful swimsuit which I’ve seen before. For the dresses he uses summery, light fabrics which create your perfect beach party outfit. The dresses are more feminine than in the winter collection, but still are very comfortable.

The men’s designs focus on the shorts, short bathers and tank tops. Again, he uses a lot of prints which embellish the creations. This collection reminds me of a tropical beach or the Atlantis.

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