Peter Jensen is a London-based designer. There, he designs his collections and has had a great success with his recent pre-fall collection. Its name is “Sunny” and was inspired by the movie “Reversal of Fortune”.

It’s a US-American drama movie by Barbet Schroeder from 1990. The plot was taken from Alan M. Dershowitz’s biographical novel which has the same title. There, the author is coming to terms with his role as a defending lawyer of Claus von Bülow, who is on trial for the murder of his wife, Sunny.

It shows a typical love drama. The rich Sunny marries the royal Claus. They soon become unhappy – she starts to take drugs and he starts meeting other women. Finally, Claus von Bülow kills his wife with an overdose of insulin and is even acquitted in the second process. Peter Jensen’s collection reflects this desperate situation of a miserable marriage.

This results in wearable everyday clothes, but very depressing and cold mood which is shown by the photos. The designer mainly works with knitwear and creates comfortable sweaters. Beside this comfort, the collection also includes some tough pieces with clear lines.

Peter Jensen shows a tragic story, which is though wearable. The fatigue and the comatose state, which is spread by Sunny and also the model, creates the impression of a preparation for the winter sleep.

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