Os Burgueses which means „The Bourgeois“ is a Portuguese label which creates fashion for him as well as for her. The reason for this assortment probably is the fact that the creative duo behind this label consists of a woman and a man, Mia Lourenco and Pedro Eleutério. Their collection for winter 2013/2014 is called “Blackout”. The designers asked themselves the question in how far the sense for aesthetics depends on the individual. “Is the fashion world about seeing and being seen in the end?” In order to find an answer to this question, they started all over again. The result is a collection which can barely be purer, as the color palette is reduced to the colors black and white.

With the latest collection, Os Burgueses takes one step back, turning away from visual overstimulation. The designs are marked by relatively plain cuts, while being single-colored. Only now and then, a print is embellishing the garments: a small drawing, which merely indicates different shapes merging with each other. Yes, clothing is sensual not only because it is embracing the naked body.

Are we the ones who decide what we are wearing after all? Or do we wear what society wants us to wear. Are we the ones to choose or are we all subject to the dictation of society. A blouse which was turned into a dress isn’t rarely seen on the street nowadays. However, this blouse combined with a pair of leggings is seen on a man still is a rather seldom phenomenon. At Os Burgueses, the imaginary line between the two genders is blurred.

With Blackout, the designer team of Os Burgueses is trying to start anew. They turn away from stereotypes, frowning upon society’s obsession with pigeonholing. They create fashion which makes you ask yourself the question: “ What is your style?” Yes, Os Burgueses wants you to embed your character into your style. For this reason, their designs are plain and simple.


Copyright and Source:  www.osburgueses.com and www.arcstreet.com