You’ll need

ying yang nails

1x white nailpolish

1x black polish

a dotting tool or the end of a brush

1x fine liner/striper or a bobby pin


yin yang nails 2

Step 1

Start off with a white polish as a base color.

Step 2

Take your fine liner or a bobby pin and a black polish and start painting an S-line on your nails.

Step 3

Now fill in the left side of the line with a black polish.

Step 4

Now take your dotting tool and place a black dot on the white side.

Step 5

Now do the same thing with the black side.

Step 4

And voilà, your Ying and Yang Nails are done!


yin yang nails 3 


Pretty easy, huh?

See you next week beauties.

Yours truly,


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